Singing Lesson Structure


Because we cater for all abilities,age groups and a variety of styles our singing lessons are tailored to meet the specific needs of each person.
We do follow a basic structure though which covers the following:-


Correct vocal technique is vital for all singers to learn in order to achieve the most from your voice and keep it healthy. A wide range of proven vocal exercises are used to develop your voice. These exercises work on understanding and controlling your breathing, improving tone, stretching your range, pitch accuracy and help smooth out any breaks and weaknesses in your voice. You will recieve a CD of your set vocal exercises to enable you to practise at home. " I like to compare vocal exercises to training for a sports event. Without the correct technique and continual practise it is very hard to see improvement. You will be amazed at what a difference these exercises can make to your vocal sound and strength".


Once warmed up we spend the rest of the singing lesson working on your song/s. For some this may be purely for pleasure or it could be working towards an upcoming performance. Claire is happy to help you select songs appropriate for your voice and will often suggest songs that will focus on areas that need work so that your voice develops even more through the process. Equally if you have a song you specifically want to work on then that is fine too. At VOCALISING we have access to thousands of backing tracks and will provide you with a CD of your songs backing (where possible) so that you can practise effectively at home. We also provide Sheet music for your chosen song at no extra cost to yourself, provided it is readily available. As you progress through lessons you will be taught the basics of Music Theory so that you learn to read music and understand rhythms,musical terms etc which is an invalueable skill to have as a singer.

Claire also specialises in Musical Theatre and can help you build up an audition repertoire that shows off your voice to its best,making sure you are well prepared for when that next casting comes along, no matter what it's for. Should you wish to, you can also work towards taking Trinity Singing or Musical Theatre examinations.


At VOCALISING we believe that confidence is everything. You will get constructive feedback from Claire that will help you work towards the performance you want.

So as you can see VOCALISING cater for just about anyone and everyone that wants to learn to sing.