Singing Lessons- Nelson

VOCALISING offer private singing lessons for all ages in a relaxed and fun environment with experienced singing teacher Claire Stanley. Claire teaches from her home in Richmond,Nelson.

Whether you are an experienced performer looking for that extra edge or help looking after your voice; or whether you just love to sing but would like to learn to get the most from your voice, singing lessons at Vocalising can help you achieve your goals.


You haven't done much singing at all but you just love to sing,you can't get enough of it! Do friends and family always tell you how good you are but you have never been sure what the next step to take was? Or maybe you sing in the shower but have been too shy to let anybody else hear you. Or it could be that you already dance/act and you want to learn to sing to create more opportunities with performing.

INTERMEDIATE - You probably already sing a fair bit but have never taken it to the next level by having singing lessons. Maybe you are wondering if you have what it takes to be a professional singer or just love to sing and want to push yourself to the next level. You could be finding that you are just missing out on getting the parts you want in auditions so want to improve your repertoire of audition songs so you are prepared next time and can show them all what you are made of!

You may already sing professionally or have done so for years, but maybe you never had singing lessons and so you are curious just how good you could be with some training from a vocal coach. Maybe you find yourself running out of breath on those long prases or you don't quite have the control or tone you would like. Maybe your voice is struggling after gigs so you want to learn techniques to look after your voice. Maybe you know you are a great singer but you are really struggling with the performance element and connecting with songs.

Whatever your level of experience. Singing lessons at Vocalising can help you achieve what you want from your voice.